Brides want it, grooms will appreciate it someday

Admit it, if you’ve been married for a long time, it may take you a second or two (or three) to remember your anniversary date.

But for a lucky few who plan to tie the knot on a certain Saturday in 2020, remembering will take little to no effort years from now.

We’re talking about October 10th—also known as 10-10-2020.

“We’ve had close to a dozen brides call and ask for that date,” said Lauren Burns, manager of Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn. “I have to tell them it’s already booked and that it was one of the first dates on our 2020 calendar to go.”

Why wouldn’t it be? Repeating numbers or dates on a wedding invitation look super cute! And Oct. 10 isn’t the only date next year that’s memorable.

Jan. 20 (1-20-2020), June 20 (6-20-2020) and July 20 (7-20-2020) offer lots of repeating twenties. And if you don’t mind getting married on a Tuesday, Feb. 18 (2-18-2020) and Mar. 17 (3-17-2020) produce another 20 when you add the month and day.

But let’s be honest, nothing beats 10-10-2020—for more than one reason.

“They’ll never forget that date, and it’s easy for the husband to remember which will save them some trouble down the road,” Burns said with a wink.

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