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Getting married? Don’t forget to create a wedding hashtag

How hashtags have become a ‘must’ for social media savvy couples Wedding dress—check! Catering service and deejay—check! All-day reservation at Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn—check! But wait, there’s more. One of the first things brides need to think about when planning a wedding is the all-important wedding hashtag. In this age of Instagram, hashtags are used not only to document the engagement, but also the wedding planning and the wedding itself. No social media savvy couple can get married without one! “Brides take these hashtags very seriously. They sometimes spend months coming up with one,” said Lauren Burns, manager of Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn. Wedding hashtags come in all shapes and sizes. Some are funny. Some are...

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The wedding question that won’t go away: ‘Who pays for what?’

The old rules still apply, experts say When it comes to footing the bill for a wedding, most people know the cost of the ceremony and reception fall squarely on the bride’s family. “Most of the time, I’m on the phone discussing payment with the bride’s mother. Occasionally, the groom’s family will pick up the cost of the venue, but not very often,” said Lauren Burns, manager of Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn in Simpsonville. That doesn’t mean the groom and his family get off scot-free. While the bride’s family pays for the wedding, bridal dress, floral arrangements, invitations and photography, the groom is responsible for the cost of the rehearsal dinner the night before. “That involves two separate costs if they decide to have...

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What Season Is The Most Popular For Weddings? (Hint: It isn’t summer)

The 5 most popular months of the year for weddings, ranked Make no mistake, Summer 2019 has been a busy time for the staff at Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn. “We’ve been booked all summer. With the exception of two days, every available date in June, July and August has been rented out for weddings,” manager Lauren Burns said. But summer is merely a warmup for fall, which is officially the most popular season for weddings. According to Wedding Wire, one in three weddings take place in the fall—with most couples choosing to get married in October. “Brides will call and say, ‘We don’t have a date for our wedding yet, but we know we want it to be in October,’" Burns said. October has been the most popular wedding month for the past...

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Why Customer Reviews Are A Business’s Most Important PR Tool

In the three years it’s been open for business, Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn in Simpsonville has received dozens of excellent reviews. “It makes us feel great when customers take the time to leave a review. What they experience on one of the biggest days of their lives is extremely important to us,” manager Lauren Burns said. For Burns, customer reviews are more than an acknowledgment of a job well done.  They allow her to take her already-successful business to the next level. “One bride wrote, ‘They let us come in earlier than normal to set up.’ It’s helpful to us as a business to know what the customer wants,” Burns said. One study found that 97-percent of online shoppers check customer reviews before making a...

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It’s Time For Companies To Start Planning Their Holiday Parties

Start By Choosing The Right Venue In less than three weeks, “summer” as we think of it will be over as kids head back to school. And in the blink of an eye, Christmas will be here! Yes, Christmas, the time of year we share so much cheer and joy with our coworkers at the annual holiday party. Lauren Burns, manager of Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn in Simpsonville, says the time to reserve the venue is now. “Whether it’s a wedding or holiday party, we recommend that folks schedule their event a full 9-12 months out before all the best dates are taken,” Burns said. She says venues like Windy Hill, which specialize in elegant country weddings, tend to be less busy in summer and winter, which is good news for companies that are just now...

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