From place settings to bridesmaid dresses, fall colors dazzle

It’s no surprise that September and October are the two most popular months for weddings.

“Brides especially love the coolness in the air. And who doesn’t enjoy gathering around a fire pit on a crisp autumn night?” said Lauren Burns, manager of Windy Hill Wedding and Event Barn.

While cooler temperatures are reason enough to insist on a fall wedding, brides also love the kaleidoscope of rich colors associated with the season—reds, oranges, yellows, browns, deep greens and purples.

“I love the different colors that come with fall,” Burns said. “They make wedding photos more vibrant.”

Burns pulled together five of her favorite fall wedding photos taken at Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn. One photo features a bride in traditional white surrounded by seven bridesmaids dressed in classic maroon. Another photo shows maroon cloth napkins atop white place settings beside a row of maroon candles. And yet another photo features a gorgeous wedding spray comprised of white, pink and maroon flowers with a dash of peach thrown in.

“Here in the south, we go from the green colors of summer to nothing pretty fast. The gorgeous palette of fall colors is a welcome relief,” Burns said.

This fall, brides have unlimited color options for weddings. Popular this year are warm jewel tones, deep green and bright white, pumpkin, sage and blush, rich shades of purple and navy & gold, according to

Burns looks forward to this year’s offering of fall wedding photos taken at Windy Hill. “You can tell by looking at some pictures that it was cool and crisp outside,” Burns said. “Fall pictures definitely set the mood!”

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